20 Circuit Wiring Harness CHEVY MOPAR FORD JEEP Rat Hot Rod


This brand new 20 circuit prewired fuse block will wire your car, truck, RV, camper, motor home, rat rod, hotrod or custom car from headlights to taillights and can fit any application, new or old with expandability down the road.  It features 20 fuses and 20 circuits.  The wires are very long and can be used on almost all vehicles.  All wires are clearly labeled so installation is simple.

The wiring kit includes fuses for:

Radio, Coil, Dome Light, Horn, Cigarette Lighter, AC/Heat, backup/Cruise, Fuel Pump, 

Radio, Turn Signal, Horn, ACC, Wiper, Gauges, Hazard, Fan, Power Window, Power Door Locks, Brake & Headlights.
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