New 12 Circuit Harness Hot Rod


100 Brand New
Easy to install, design which allows for expand ability for future growth
Uses only the highest quality wire and parts resulting in the ultimate wiring kit
Also comes with a small fuse block
Can be mounted in any position including under the dash or seat
length Size 10 in/25.4 cm
Width Size 7 in/17.8 cm
Height Size 5 in/12.7 cm
Professional Installation is Highly Recommended

For A/C, Ignition/Battery, Gauges, Brake switch, Flasher, Headlight,Wiper.Ignition, Battery/Hazard, Ignition On, ACC 1, Heater and, ACC 2
Includes Wire Loom, Fusible Link and, Butt Connectors
Packing includes

1 X 12 Circuit universal wire harness kit
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